Expert Guide to the Best Varieties and Styles of Funeral Flowers by Bromborough Flowers

Expert Guide to the Best Varieties and Styles of Funeral Flowers by Bromborough Flowers | Award Winning Funeral Florist


In times of loss and grief, funeral flowers serve as a beautiful tribute to honor and remember loved ones. The right choice of funeral flowers can provide comfort, express condolences, and convey heartfelt emotions. As a trusted Wirral Florist, we understand the significance of selecting the most appropriate funeral flowers that reflect the individual's life and offer solace to grieving families.

In this expert guide, we will explore the best varieties and styles of funeral flowers, explaining their popularity and significance. From single-ended coffin sprays to wreaths and posies, we will provide insights into each style, offering guidance during this sensitive time.

I. Meaningful Elegance: Single-Ended Coffin Sprays / Double-Ended Coffin Sprays

  • A Touch of Grace

  • Single-ended coffin sprays are a popular choice for funeral services, known for their elegance and symbolic meaning. These arrangements are placed on top of the casket, serving as a focal point during the service. They can be customized to reflect the individual's personality, incorporating their favorite flowers or colors. We also offer larger Double-Ended Coffin Sprays were required.

  • Roses for Love and Respect

  • Roses are often chosen for single-ended coffin sprays due to their timeless beauty and symbolism. Red roses symbolize love and respect, while white roses represent purity and innocence. The expert florists at Bromborough Flowers can craft stunning coffin sprays using roses, ensuring a meaningful and elegant tribute to the departed.

II. Reverence and Remembrance: Funeral Wreaths

  • A Symbol of Eternal Love

  • Funeral wreaths symbolize eternal life and are a traditional choice for funeral services. Circular in shape, they represent the unending cycle of life and are often adorned with meaningful flowers and greenery.

  • White Lilies for Peace and Serenity White lilies are frequently incorporated into funeral wreaths due to their association with purity, peace, and rebirth. Their delicate fragrance and elegant appearance create a serene and comforting atmosphere, paying homage to the departed and offering solace to grieving loved ones.

III. Tender Sentiments: Funeral Posies

  • A Personal Tribute

  • Funeral posies are small, handheld arrangements typically given by close family members or friends. They are designed to be carried during the funeral service, allowing individuals to offer a personal and heartfelt tribute to the deceased. Posies can also be used at the deceased's point of rest as a sign of love and respect, whereby larger tributes may not have the space.

  • Delicate Chrysanthemums for Honor and Respect

  • Chrysanthemums, particularly white or yellow varieties, are commonly used in funeral posies as they are in lettering frame tributes as a flower base. These flowers symbolize honor, respect, and sincerity, making them a fitting choice for expressing one's sentiments during the funeral procession.

IV. That Special Personal Touch - Funeral Lettering

  • Many families will opt to have a more personalised floral tribute with the name of their loved one, or their relatationship to the family member such as Mum or Dad. Lettering offers a truely personalised statement, and are normally based with Chrysanthemums, particularly white or yellow varieties with a cluster feature of roses, or similar flowers, for example at a given point on the each letter. Floral frames are normally edged in a pleated ribbon of you choice to complete the arrangement, or in a lot of cases it may be the of favourite colour of your loved one. Often colour schemes can be relevant to a favourite football team for example, and is often popular request.


  • Selecting the right funeral flowers is a delicate and significant part of paying tribute to a loved one. At Bromborough Flowers, we understand the importance of choosing funeral flowers that reflect the individual's life, offer solace to grieving families, and provide a meaningful farewell. From single-ended coffin sprays exuding elegance, to wreaths symbolizing eternal love, and posies and funeral lettering offering personal tributes, each style of funeral flower serves a unique purpose in honoring the departed.
  • Our expert florists are here to guide you through this process, ensuring that your chosen funeral flowers convey the emotions and sentiments you wish to express. Bromborough Flowers have a wealth of experience in providing exceptional funeral flower arrangements that provide comfort and solace at your most difficult of times.